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Victoria Clinical Research Group

We’re dedicated to bringing individuals of south Texas access to cutting edge therapeutic and medical treatment options via clinical research studies.

Clinical Research Expertise

Our team of expert physician investigators and clinical research professionals are committed to bringing quality care and quality research.

Who We Are

Victoria Clinical Research Group is committed to bringing new and helpful treatments to individuals living in and around Victoria, Texas. As a minority-woman-owned business, we are particularly mindful of overlooked and underserved populations and do our best to help them gain access to exciting and potentially life-changing therapies.

Committed to Your Wellbeing

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Looking to Participate in Our Clinical Research?

Victoria Clinical Research Group is passionate about providing life-changing treatments and therapies to the diverse and underserved communities of South Texas. Our investigative services also serve as opportunities to people in situations where other treatment options no longer work for them. Here are some ways you can benefit as a participant:

Early Access

Gain access to potential treatments before they are available to the public.

Expert Care

Get free expert medical care from the professionals at Victoria Clinical Research Group.

Take Control

Take care of yourself by playing a more active role in your health care.

Make a Difference

Help current and future generations by contributing to our medical research and improving treatments.

No-Cost Treatment

Participants don’t need to worry about medical insurance or payments to take part in our clinical trials.

Receive Compensation

We make sure to take good care of our participants and offer compensation for their travel expenses and the time taken.

Trust Our Expertise

Our team of expert physician investigators and clinical research professionals are committed to providing quality care and quality research.
We carry out our research by connecting pharmaceutical and research organizations to caring individuals who want to play a part in the advancement of medicine or those who have a medical need.




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